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Why should I support Habitat?

Why should I support Habitat?

When you or your organization make the commitment to sponsor a home, you're doing more than just building a house. You are changing lives. Your kindness can mean a little girl gets her very own bedroom for the first time, or that mom and dad no longer have to worry about faulty electrical wires and flooding. You are helping our homeowners build a foundation that leads to better lives. Not just for them, but for generations to come. This is a home where they will teach their children to walk, show them how to tie their shoes and send them off to college. Living in a safe and affordable home is not a luxury, it is a necessity. YOU can make the difference!

To make a donation or for more information reach out to Shelby at

Ways to show your support:

  • Join Hope Builders Club

  • Volunteer for Build Day

  • Schedule a Team Build for your
    company or group

  • Financial gifts and In-Kind donations

  • Share our mission with friends and family

How can my place of worship support Habitat?

Your congregation's commitment to good works can shine through as we partner to put God's Love into action. When you share your time, talent, and support, your partnership can help build a world where everyone has a decent place to call home.

  • Sponsor a Faith Build

  • Provide Skilled Volunteers

  • Match Donations from your Congregation

  • Volunteering on Committees within the Organization 

  • Collaborating with other Faith Groups to Volunteer or Sponsor

To discuss an opportunity that fits your congregation reach out to Amanda at

How can my business or organization
support Habitat?

By partnering with Habitat, your business will benefit from meaningful employee engagement and investment opportunities while demonstrating a strong sense of social responsibility. We offer company sponsorships opportunities to the needs of any size business with packages that include high visibility PR and volunteer opportunities.

Did you know?

  • 64% of employees who volunteer with their coworkers report strengthened work relationships.

  • 62% of Millennials would choose to work for a socially responsible company, even if the salary would be less than at other companies.

  • 91% of human resources executives believe that pro bono service adds value to training and development programs, and that contributing business skills and expertise to a nonprofit is an extremely effective way to develop leadership skills.

How can my company make a difference?

  • Match Employee Contributions 

  • Sponsor a Family

  • Sponsor Team Events like Leaders Build

  • Sponsor Annual Fundraiser

  • In-Kind Donations (including skilled labor and materials)

To discuss an opportunity that fits your organization reach out to Shelby at

Sponsorship Levels

Full Sponsor.jpg

Full Sponsorship $100,000

Home is the key!

  • Dedicated member on the Family Selection
    Committee, who helps throughout the education process. 

  • Commitment to attend all public Volunteer Days (up to 15).
    At least 3 representatives present at each. 

  • Provide meals for Volunteer Days. 

  • Speak at Groundbreaking Ceremony.

  • Speak at Home Dedication and present family
    with ceremonial “keys”. 

  • Marketing of your organization at the construction site,
    social media, and radio. 

  • Option to have Habitat representative
    present to your organization 

Half Sponsorship $50,000

The Framework

  • Commitment to attend public Volunteer Days (up to 10).
    at least one representative present at each. 

  • Provide meals for the Volunteer Days attended. 

  • Option to speak at Groundbreaking ceremony.

  • Speak at Home Dedication.

  • Marketing of the organization at the construction site
    and social media. 

  • Option to have Habitat representative
    present to your organization

Half Sponsor.jpg
Quarter Sponsor.jpg

Quarter Sponsorship $25,000

The Foundation

  • Commitment to attend public Volunteer Days (up to 5).
    At least one representative present at each. 

  • Option to speak at Home Dedication

  • Marketing of your organization at the construction site
    and social media. 

  • Option to have Habitat representative
    present to your organization. 

Kitchen - $4000

Foundation - $20,000

Walls - $5800

Bathroom x2 - $1400

Siding - $3000

Gutters - $1425

Doors & Windows - $2800

Laundry Room - $2900

Trusses - $6400

Bedroom x3 - $500

Porch - $3500

Lumber - $9300

Roof - $4750

House Plans - $1000


You can also sponsor parts of the home. This is one way

your organization can participate in the construction process without a large financial commitment.

Your organization can still volunteer on workdays

but the cost is much lower. 

Cost Breakdown

Planned Giving

You can make a lasting difference in your community through a planned gift to Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County. Planned gifts enable us to develop bold strategies for the future and take advantage of opportunities to make the greatest impact. As you plan for your future and reflect on the legacy you will leave behind, consider the following ways you can strengthen Jefferson County families and communities through a partnership with Habitat. 


There are a number of tax-advantaged ways in which people can provide needed support for Habitat for Humanity of Jefferson County while enriching their lives through philanthropic activity. There are three types of planned gifts: the first is current outright gifts, the second is revocable deferred benefits and the third is irrevocable deferred benefits.

  • Bequests

  • Charitable Gift Annuity

  • Charitable Lead Trust

  • Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Current Outright Gifts: stock, real estate, and tangible personal property

  • Endowments

  • Irrevocable Deferred Gifts

  • Life Insurance

  • Memorial Gifts

  • Pooled Income Fund

  • Retirement Plans and IRAs

  • Revocable Deferred Benefits

We would be glad to assist you and answer your questions about giving opportunities and needs of our community. Please consult your attorney or financial professional for the benefits of each gift type.


To set up an appointment to discuss your planned giving options, please get in touch with Executive Director Samantha Pierce at

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