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Home Repair

We offer home repair services so that established homeowners can continue to live in safe, decent homes for years to come. Some of our home repair work includes weatherization, critical repair, and ADA home modifications services to preserve home exteriors and revitalize neighborhoods.

Why do we offer these services?

  • Families need to live in safe and well-maintained homes.


  • Neighborhoods become revitalized.


  • Community connections are made.

  • Affordable housing inventory
    is preserved.

How does the program work?

  • Applicants are chosen based on the three pillars: ability to pay; assessment of need; and willingness to partner

  • Once we receive the application, we will do an in-home visit to assess the scope of work

  • Upon approval, an affordable loan (zero interest) is made to the homeowner to cover the cost of the materials. Labor is provided at no cost.

  • Payments are placed in a revolving fund to help serve others in need.


We are not currently accepting home repair applications. Sign up for our newsletter under the housing tab to be notified when applications open.

Here's what's covered under our

low-cost Home Repair Program:

  • Home Weatherization


  • Home Preservation


  • Critical Home Repairs

  • Home Modification

Contact our Repair Team for more information.

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